WIP Wednesday

You know Kermit the Frog's muppet flail? That pretty much sums up how I'm feeling this week - tempered with a great deal of numbness, because it is near impossible to avoid the news out of Newtown. Not that you should ignore the news, but it is just so emotionally loaded that it takes a lot out of you.

Anyway, I'm trying to find that balance and not veer towards grinchiness. I've had a few projects just not work out the way I envisioned and they have been put on the back burner until my head clears. My work area is a mess of work related stuff, knitting / crochet related stuff, and I'm feeling overwhelmed by the clutter and my to-do list. I am really looking forward to December 27th or so when I can start to clear everything out and start over!

I've been working on an Oatmeal the Snowman that will be part of a Yankee Swap. I am going to have a rather hard time giving him away - luckily, I believe I will be able to make another one - this first one used up half a skein. I'm working on the arms now and have to do his scarf. Even partially done he makes me happy!

The weather has been so grey, rainy and generally icky, I would be happy to see some snow! This little snowman will hold me over for a bit!
This is my first time linking up to WIP Wednsdays! I usually do Yarn Along, but I'm not reading anything and I do want to make sure I don't let the dust bunnies into the blog!


bookworm-Mary said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the snowman!! the cabling is BEAUTIFUL!

Lorna said...

The snowman looks fab! I'm curious to see how the arms look once they're done. What a fun idea :o)

Anonymous said...

Your snowman is adorable! I can understand why you will have a hard time giving him away:)

mkonieczki said...

I would struggle to give the snowman away too... maybe you can steal him back during the swap, or do you not play by those rules?

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