'scuse my ends

Knitting has been going, slow because there just are never enough hours in the day, but it's going. I've got flora just about finished. Going to hunt down buttons tomorrow, yay! I used the exact wool cotton called for and it's scrumptious (jimmybeanswool.com currently has some wool cotton on sale! I may need to purchase more!) And I used kidsilk haze - also gorgeous. I'm pleased with it so far - truly a quick knit as it is only a neck warmer.

I'm about ready to try and rechart the DNA scarf pattern (I'm a lefty). Still working on clapotis#2.

And I'm going to put out the requests: 1) Go see In her shoes 2)The purple scarf that Maggie wears? Probably so simple, but I want the pattern / I want to make it - I'm especially interested in the fringing at the bottom. 3) Read all that Jen Weiner writes - she's a great author, funny lady and excellent blogger :) I went to one of her book readings and she was just fabulous.

I'm trying to be better with my sewing machine - I made a Batman wrap thing for Jackson, now that the weather has sufficiently kept my noes and toes frigid(!!!), but it's too small. Imagine that, my tiny dog, and i make something too small!


Lauren said...

That Jackson is too cute. If you ever need a sitter, just let me know!

Anonymous said...

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Catherine Kerth said...

Flora is looking good! and jackson sure is cute sportin' the batman duds!!!! great job:)

Anonymous said...

Flora is gorgeous - never liked that pattern til I saw yours. Now... its on my list! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a great blog here!

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Anonymous said...

Becca - Jackson is adorable!!! I miss the puppy stage; our guys are middle aged now.
My dachshunds don't really like the over the head thing either, but they love their weiner wraps. After a couple of times going on, they're fine.
Let me know if Jackson wants one; I do it pro bono........:)

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