Still working on the camera/photos issues...

Started putting back my classroom together, in bits and pieces. Gosh I can't believe that it's time again! Soooo soon!

I finished knitting a scarf (but no photos obviously.)

I finished Cute. I enjoyed it.

I was indulging myself in some chocolate because I wanted to (don't want to be cranky). And while I have sent this in packages to people before I hadn't actually tried it till now - it's so yummy! And it comes with a little "trading card" - this one had something kinda like this: a Weevil Beetle - "This striking white weevil posed for us at the side of a trail leading to a remote village in Sulawesi. Weevils are also called snout beetles; characterized by an elongated region in front of their eyes. Larvae of these beetles are usually shaped like the letter "C" and are pale to white in color and lack legs. Maybe you have heard the expression, "weevils wobble but they won't fall down."

Huh. Educational, earth friendly chocolate. I like it!


Rebecca said...

WOW! You summer flew by, didn't it? Have fun setting up your classroom and gearing up for another school year!

Heather said...

my box came! i love it! i spoiled rebecca for sp8, a fun connection. my living room is backpacks and school supplies, notebooks and pencils. trying to get us together for school,too. hope you get great kids and have a wonderfully inspiring year!

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