I haven't even been in school a full week yet and I'm behind (and still with out my camera - can't figure out why suddenly the laptop refuses to "see" the camera).

I received a wonderful package for the colorswap of neutrals from Heatherly - white tea bath/body stuff, tea cup / saucer, ribbon yarn, wool yarn, and other goodies.

I finished these socks in this yarn - it's a little snug getting it on, but overall I'm pleased.

I've got to pack up and send out for the the favorite colorswap and oneskein swap.

School started out on a good foot, but I found out I didn't pass my portfolio and I'm pissed. I've got a background in Chemistry. Getting my masters and passing my thesis was hard, teaching - not so much! This is ridiculous.


Life's a Stitch said...

Thanks for the pattern link - great site.

Hockey Mom said...

Hi Becca! Thanks for the sock pattern. I love it.

I'm going back through your archives. But, I'm not stalking, I promise! ;-)

Miss Lime said...

Great sock pattern, and I love the Memories yarn from KnitPicks!

Thanks for the comments on our blog. The new Lisa Souza yarn is drool-worthy. I'm thinking knee-highs/thigh-highs myself...

Hope you enjoy knitting up the Snakes on a Sock pattern when you get to it. :)

Miss Lime

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