I've got a new camera coming - hoping tomorrow...

I bought Jackson a few new Halloween shirts at Old Navy (great deal!) but, I think they have redesigned their XS dog shirt as they are tight on him and he hasn't changed his shape too much! I'll return them and exchange for the S, hopefully, and then take photos with the previously mentioned camera.

I started knitting a scarf for one of my aunts for a Christmas present, and realized that I did a bunch of it wrong! It's a two row repeat, and I messed up. For crying out loud self, get a cute stitch marker and use it! You have them. That's what they are their for!!

So far, in thinking about my Christmas gift list, this is what I've got to do:
1.Scarf: Herringbone Lace pattern, Ellyn Cooper yarn - Caribe Irisee - yarn's bought / wound up. This is the one with the stupid mistake I didn't pick up on.

2. Skinny Scarf a la Knitty Gritty on DIY for my cousin - yarn's bought (Classic Elite Premier in two shades of lilac/purple and a smokey grey)
2b. Back to School Cloths are also a possibility for my cousin.

3. Felted Bag with Mitered Squares for one or more of the ladies in my family. Need yarn.

4. Grape Hyacinth Lace Scarf maybe for my cousin's girlfriend. Have some nice pinky Noro that would work nicely.
4a. Also for the cousin's girlfriend, considering Fetching

5. Something for my cousin, a cop. Guys are tough. Maybe fingerless gloves? Maybe a nice scarf that has a touch of cashmere in it?

6. Ditto for my dad.

7. Ditto for my baby brother.

note: I haven't yet made anything for my dad or baby brother... i'd like to... I think the b.b. would be happy with a hat / gloves / scarf (maybe). Dad's not really a scarf guy, but would probably wear one that I made.

8. A set of Fuzzy Feet for a family of my friends: Mom, Dad, kiddo...

9. Other "stuffs" as needed.

10. Oooh, almost forgot. I've got my "HOPE" and "DONALD" yarn and started the scarf for my grandmother, but it's too stripey. I need a pattern for sockweight yarn that blends them together... ideas??
10b. This project would be for Nana, who is going through chemo. She may loose her hair again. Last year I made her a Shedir and she liked it - I think I should make her a box of silly hats: the hallowig, the chicken viking hat, the princess leia hat, and the new knitty surprise!

This weekend I won't be going to Rhinebeck - bummed, but maybe next year. Instead, I'll hit the mall and then check out Sit-n-Knit and CreativeFibers....

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