Mango (and info for Heide!)

On a whim at the local farm store (and so much more! I bought a mango. On sale, even. I have eaten mango before but never bought and fought with one myself. Even though it's a little fussy to cut apart (I think I shoulda just used a better knife) I'm hooked. Sooooooo good! How did I not know this before? Yum, it's like better than candy!

Heide - I can't find your email! And I can't get to your blog! I am so curious to know about what you think of those gDiapers! I'm thinking that we'll do a mix of disposable and maybe those... still too early to worry about though. I picked up the Flat Earth crisps and the Kiwi magazine at the Branford stop-n-shop! If you've got any other good local baby tips or things you wish you knew about before please let me know! Currently you're my only local source on that sort of info!


Hunny said...

I love shopping at Bishops. Never cut up a mango myself so really cant help you on that. Congrats on your pregnancy!!

dragon knitter said...

mangos are my absolute all time favorite fruit. peaches work, too, but mangos are DA BOMB. a good way to deal with mangos? cut a big chunk off the side (avoid the pit if you can), without peeling it. score it into squares without cutting through the skin. then push on the skin so it kind of t urns inside out. then you can trim off the cubes, and eat at your leisure. if that didn't help, i'm sure you can google how to do it, as well. yummo!

Heide said...

Hey Becca -- fraulein _ heide at yahoo dot com

We've only been using the gdiapers for a few day,s but so far so good. The stats on disposables are just too disturbing. I wish we'd started with them sooner. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the wipes, and how to make them easy enough for daycare to use without much extra effort. I'll keep you posted!

As far as advice/suggestions/ideas regarding baby stuff, you'll be sorry you asked! :) LOTS to say! I can flood you with email, plus we could get together for knitting and baby talk some time if you'd like.

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