Movie night

Last night Dan and I went out for dinner (hibachi yum!) and then out to a movie - impromptu date night! We went to see Disturbia - creepy yes, but almost funny as we were at a 7:40 showing and there was a whole lot of pre- / teenage girls in the audience screaming / screeching just to scream / screech.

The best part though was when we were standing in line to buy the tickets. There was a couple behind us, and they were looking up at the board of movies / showtimes. The woman said to the man, "Oh, 28 weeks later - that's the sequel to the Sandra Bullock movie where she was in rehab - it was really well done."

Um, right. We were hoping that they would buy tickets for that, but they didn't.

I spent most of yesterday catching up on podcasts (I started listening to Material Mama - going to find more sewing related things... might as well work up on my sewing machine when I've got the time coming this summer.) and working on the string bag - finally figured out my goof on the pattern. So after 3 starts I've finally got it and I'm maybe 3/4 of the way done with the bag portion. It's going quickly, so good on that.

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