Biting off more than I can chew

My Own Apple
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Lorelai loved getting her own apple yesterday is an understatement. I have the photos of her screaming when I took it away to take a bite (gasp! and it was my apple to begin with. I thought, oh wouldn't it be a funny photo if she tries to bite the apple. yeah, I started something there.)

Since I haven't been working since June 2007 (and it was terrible then), I've had zero stress. Really. Pregnancy, new baby and all, I don't have much to stress about. The negative things are beyond my control and day-to-day is just not chaotic. A bit crazy somedays, sure, but nothing like it used to be. Until now.

It may be all in my head, but I am definitely starting to stress about the craft fair next week. Maybe it's more anxious / anxiety. I am still knitting away. I've got tags and business cards in various states of completion. I've got projects on the needles all over my house. I've got ends to weave in.

*AND* I'm working, part time, at home for google. So I'm trying to get my hours in on that, because you know, money is good and all that. *AND* I'm trying to maintain the day-to-day stuff. Lorelai may be a bit more independent, but it really feels like when she's awake I'm getting less done and very little done during her naps.

Bite, bite, chew, chew, it's all good. This face says it all.
Nom nom nom


Anonymous said...

Lorelai has the right idea. Take a breath and eat an apple. It'll all come together.

theatreknitter said...

I will be home next friday, hoping to be on the train that gets in around 7ish. if you need help with yarn ends and such I can come by and we can make a night of it.

Also, any help you need on Sat I'm there for you. I had hoped I might be able to have some stuff for you, but projects got out of hand.

No stress is little if it is yours. go to SNB tonight, have fun, enjoy. on only just over a week till rhinebeck!!!!!!!

Crochetlocket said...

How exciting... where is this craft fair? I hope you blog about your experience afterwards as well!!!! A little nervousness is fine... keeps you on your toes! I am sure that once you get there and setup .... you'll relax and enjoy the experience! Hey -- just dont go spending all your profits at that craft fair! ahahah! Good luck!

Hunny said...

Yeah where is this craft fair? I love Fairs!

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