Fair Craft Fair

Well, it's done!
Here's a shot (taken by PeacefulKnitter)
craft fair booth

We did it! I'm so proud of us, and thankful for friends like Sonia and Betsy - not only did Sonia sign up for this (and miss out on a cool trip to NY city!) but she stuck it out with me to the end! Her neck socks / neck warmers were so well received - how could they not be? They are made out of Malabrigo! And Betsy, well, as true to her "Cruise-Ship Julie" nature, Betsy stuck it out with me late Friday night to help weave in ends, then was up bright and early on Saturday to help set up. And then she spent the day with us at the booth, keeping spirits high and talking up the product to all fair attendees! On the whole it was a good experience - we didn't sell out (that's ok, I'll be filling my etsy shop later), but we did sell and I think we made a positive impact on many people who checked out the booth.

Lesson learned - make more of the medium sized hats! Like for Lorelai's size. There was an adorable little acorn in the larger acorn hat that I made, and towards the end of the day, this wee acorn - I think he's 3 months old. Thank you Baby Dominic - enjoy your hat!

All the craziness that lead up to the craft fair was followed by a trip to Rhinebeck, NY for the ravelry party and the NY Sheep & Wool Festival on Sunday. But that's a whole other post!


Anonymous said...

Your booth looks great! I give you a lot of credit for all of the effort you put into it. Your work is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a job well done!

Anonymous said...

We did it!!! I am so proud of us!

mad knitter said...

Hooray, it's done! And it looks like a job well done for all of you! You put so much work into all of it..and your stuff looks beautiful!

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