A quick post, totally not about knitting.

The Lorax is quickly building up her vocabulary - including "No" but she says it in a very coy way - almost with a drawl! "Noooooo". Luckily she hasn't quite figured out to say it in a short "No!" as in disagreeing with me (yet.) She doesn't say "Yes" but on occasion will say "Yeah" and it has been said at appropriate times, so I think she's starting to get the hang of that one.

So yesterday we were driving to the outlets. I wanted to stop in a store to look for new pajamas for her. Here's how our conversation went:

Me: Lorelai, would you like to get purple pajamas?
L: Noooooo
Me: Would you like to get blue pajamas?
L: Noooooo
Me: What about red pajamas?
L: Noooooo
Me: Pink pajamas?
L: Noooooo
Me: Yellow pajamas?
L: Noooooo
Me: Green pajamas?
L: Noooooo
Me: Would you like to sleep naked?
L: Yeah!

Dan and I totally bust out laughing. Ahh, what other gems will she share? I'll keep posting them.

And in the end, she didn't get new pjs anyway, so if she can bust out of her pjs, she may just get her way!


Anonymous said...

She's so funny!

theatreknitter said...

she is going to be trouble, but at least she is cute at it.

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