It really is the little things (which sometimes are big things) that can make you smile. Last week I found out that my job for Google had ended - not a terribly big surprise as I knew when I was hired it "could end at any time" and "don't count on this for full time income" - seriously, I worked about 10 hours a week, but it was a sweet deal. Pay was good, I was already online, it was interesting and different and I could still take care of the Lorax. I was bummed out and on top of that the weather sucked for a week straight.

Looking to the brighter side of life, it was a nice weekend. I got to see Betsy and her sister while they were in town - Betsy brought me Mike & Ikes and Organic Gummi Bears (those didn't even last 24 hours, they were fantastic!). Dan and I went out to dinner at a new to us restaurant, which was to celebrate Mother's Day. Dan gave me the royal treatment on Sunday - blueberry pancakes and we grilled burgers for dinner. Fantastic! Lorelai must have some sort of psychic sense about what was up because she was quite verbal about asking for me. Yay, as usually it feels like she never calls to me unless we are out at a store! Anyway, it's all good. I even have a new movie:
Love (1,000,000+) this movie. If you haven't seen it yet, get it - it's that good!

Today I finished a sock - just a plain stockinette sock a la the Yarn Harlot's in "Knitting Rules" - I also love this sock. I needed a break from the two other socks I was working on and as most of my stash is variegated, I wanted to embrace the colors - I've been distracted by solids lately. Yarn is "Florida" by j.knits.
Florida sock 1
The iPhone camera does not do it justice - it's great yellows and oranges - almost candy corn-ish, but better.

Today there was also some fun mail.
"Thinking of Moo"
My (baby) brother is a man of few words and embraces the whole "simple living" concept like no one else I know. :)

Hopefully the week brings more of the same!


Virginia said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to the mom of my favorite toddler and one of my favorite moms, period!

I'm sorry to hear about the Google job but glad to hear you've got so many good reasons to smile. (Including Matt's picture of a cow -- that rocks.)

Can't wait to see you on Saturday! XOX

Anonymous said...

The good ones always come through to cheer you up!

theatreknitter said...

i guess this means that I am making another trip to the candy store?

Anonymous said...

That was really sweet of your little brother.

I'm glad that you had a really nice Mother's Day.

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