Grace In Small Things

I stumbled across several great websites today, one in particular that stood out to me is, Grace In Small Things - with the tagline, "Waging a battle against embitterment since 2008". I'm a little late to the party, but oh well. The original intent is to focus on 5 positive things a day. That I can do.

Here's 1 / 365

1. Sharing an apple with Lorelai.

2. Fun time at the toddler gymnastics class.

3. Finding a parking spot at the rec center for the toddler gymnastics class.

4. Napping toddler.

5. New websites! Filth Wizardry - crafts with preschoolers - still a bit ahead of where Lorelai's at, but great blog name, great ideas! Sarah London - a crafty blog, a mystery crochet-a-long and how I found out about G.I.S.T., Make Your Own Hot Drink Mixes - I *just* put hot chocolate on my shopping list, but I think I may give this a try first.


Anonymous said...

The Vanilla Chai Tea mix sounds really good too.

Anonymous said...

Love this!

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