North Shore Yarn Crawl

Last weekend, I took a break and scooted on up to Boston's North Shore to participate in a yarn crawl and hang out / catch up with old friends. I think there were 12 shops participating in the Yarn Crawl and we got to 5 of them. And each shop was so different from the others!

Our first stop was at Creative Yarns, in Beverly, which is brand-spanking new - like 2 days old kind new. You could tell this yarn has great potential - they had nice brands at a variety of price points. They also carry the Knitpicks Needles - I had heard about this ahead of time, but didn't think to check my needle stash before I left. I ended up with a set of Harmony dpns.

From there we traveled to Yarns in the Farms which is so whimsical. It's hard to describe really. I love that they had this sign outside:
Hungry for Handmade
I did have a list for the yarn crawl, it was a sort of "I'd like to try these yarns if I see them / I'd like yarn for these projects" type of list. At Yarns in the Farms I found one of those: Dream in Color Starry.
This colorway is "November Muse" - it's a really nice brown and the Lorax was born in November so it seemed perfect. No plans for what this yarn will end up as, yet...

Cranberry Fiber Arts was the next stop. The selection at this store was incredible - and so well organized. They also had a huge room with a large table that had such great natural light. I decided on a skein of Manos Silk Blend in a gorgeous jewel-toned magenta.
No project plans set for this yarn either.
As I was checking out, I won a prize, just because! Sweet! I won a kit to make a scarf -
The yarn is a dark-dusty-green and the button is really cute.

Coveted Yarn was a surprise - it looks like a beach shack from the outside, but inside it is spacious and COVERED in yarn. (Locals, think "Yarn Barn", but a bit more organized). I did find a few items on my list that I was hoping I would find, Malabrigo!
A skein of Worsted in Whales Road,
And a skein of Rios in Solis,
Plans for each of these are a bit fluid right now, but I do expect I will work them up sooner rather than later.

Our last stop was at Seed Stitch. This shop has some more of the higher end yarns, which I lusted over, but in the end decided to instead be a "grown up knitter" and actually get a bottle of Soak. I have liked using the sample packets I have picked up here and there, and it just makes sense to get a bottle. I was also excited to see a trunk show going on at Seed Stich - Baby Cocktails! The Cassis pattern is in my queue (to be made with my newly obtained Lorna's Laces yarn in the Kerfluffle color!) for a fall sweater / coat / post-baby & while wearing-the-baby item. I tried on the sweater and while I did like how it fit, I know I'm going to make mine one size up. All of her work was even more striking in person - she has a lot of great designs.

Phew. What a yarnie weekend. I think I'm still on fiber fumes. Because it doesn't end there either! Betsy gave me a new knitting bag:

AND, of course I knit whenever I had the chance. I whippped up a new headband - Blue Leaf Headband in some Malabrigo Chunky that I scored in the stash room at the Knitters Review Retreat. Color is "Whales Road" and the skein I had was less than full - I think it was 78 yards. I was able to make this one for me and a second smaller one - the smaller one needs seaming and then I will see if fits the Lorax.
Malabrigo Headband

Not a bad way to spend a weekend at all!

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