And it is quiet again.

We had family over yesterday to celebrate Easter - "a big party" according to Lorelai. All in all it went really well - there was a lot of really good food, good times with family, and Lorelai - well, she's just so excited about all of it. My brother and his girlfriend set up an egg hunt for her and she really enjoyed it - the weather turned out so nice - we were all able to get outside for a bit before it started to rain again. I managed to not take enough photos, but there are two I wanted to share - here's Lorelai in the midst of the egg hunt:
And here is me, 1981, same dress! Check out those chipmunk cheeks!
That green inflatable bunny was a favorite decoration - it was not a Sketchy Bunny. These days I tend to stick to peep bunnies :)

A few links to share that were used in some way for our Easter event.
The peep bunting I made was inspired by this tutorial from V and Co.
My brother and his girlfriend made these Cadbury "Deviled" Eggs - OMG, my new favorite way to eat a Cadbury egg (and I'm quite happy to have these leftovers!)
Lorelai has been interested in the worms in the garden lately, so I made a dirt cake - she didn't eat a bite of it, but I think she liked the way it looked. My husband had never had dirt cake, and I think he was pleasantly surprised at how good it is! Of course it's good - you can't go wrong with oreos, pudding, cream cheese, sugar and cool whip!
This honey-lime fruit salad was fantastic - so simple - I will be making this again and again (why didn't I think to use canned pineapple / mandarin oranges before?)
These lemon roasted potatoes were light and delicious - I would make them again for a family event (or even a weeknight dinner! Dan's not big into potatoes - me I love them baked, mashed, smashed, fried, whatever... but he's coming around on the roasted method - so easy to switch out seasoning!)
I tried this broccoli-bacon salad for something different - it was ok.

Today is a total down day. The house is still rather clean, the laundry is running. I'm indulging the lorax in some tv and I'm knitting. Nice and quiet.


sara said...

Lorelai is a doll and I love that she's wearing your childhood dress.

Guistinello Design said...

Lorax looks so cute, and I can see where she gets it from ;) !

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