A little of this and that

It's been something like 2 weeks since I posted! What's been going on?
Well, the Lorax started driving...
Ok, not really.

I finished a sweater, for real - for me! Iced by Carol Feller (one of my favorite designers). I wanted something cozy that I could wear around the house - something that I could toss on and not worry about any manner of baby / kid / dog / my own klutzyness goop getting on it. Also, I wanted something that I could wear now with a growing belly as well as in the fall while nursing. I am quite pleased with the result and have gotten in a lot of wear already.
For now I am going without buttons because it just doesn't make sense. The yarn is an acrylic yarn that I really really like, "Jarbo Duo" - it's squishy and warm and light. Love the shades of blue that showed up in this. This is probably not the most flattering sweater I could have made for my body type, but I wasn't looking for that.

I have also been sewing! I could not resist the kitchy call of a Peeps Bunting -
peep bunting

What have you been up to?


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Love the Peeps! Congrats on the sweater....

If I remember I may see you tomorrow night..

sara said...

I feel so stupid...are you expecting? When the heck did I miss that. Boy...I *have* been out of it. Guess I haven't been keeping up as well as I thought.

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