Age old question

If a knitter knits some item, and leaves it lying around, will it get worn and used?
Well, I'll be. I knit up this Moochie hat for the Lorax back when it seemed like winter was arriving early. She picked the pattern and the yarn, and when it was finished she wouldn't let me see how it fit. So I left it at our front hall near the coats and shoes. She went for a hike in the woods with her dad today and decided that she needed to wear her hat. This is a quick iphone photo from their hike, maybe I will be able to get a better shot later. I will take any photo I can get - and there are no tears! How far we have come! Yay!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Look at that smile! So worth the not great shot of the hat! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving...

Emily said...

What a great shot! And great hat!

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