FO Friday - a peek

Crochet practice Oh the cuteness, I can barely stand it! Last night at SnB I practiced my crochet skills on this wee little baby toy.  It's adorable, and was quick and easy to make, but I'm not 100% happy with it - maybe only 98%! I will be adjusting a few things when I make it again - hook size & stuffing most notably. Working on this and the arrival of two books, that I'll share next Yarn Along, has given me such a boost that I want to start All. The. Things. And you already know about my issues with startitis.  For now, I am letting ideas simmer as I carefully consider the yarn choices and get those other projects done! I am ready to work the cuff on first sleeve of my sweater, so yay! Here's to a crafty weekend!


Babajeza said...

Crafty weekend to you!

Virginia said...

Oh boy that looks like something cute!!

Handmade by Stefanie said...

I have startitis too - it must be the knitter's form of spring fever!

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