Quarter 1 - Review

At work we do a quarterly review of statistics for our clients and I thought maybe it seemed like a good idea to check in on my self-imposed Resolutions & Intentions.

1. Knit / Crochet at least 13 skeins that have been stashed before 1/1/12 (inspired by the Use It or Lose It thread in the Stash & Burn podcast group) : I've used many partials thanks to fingerless mitts and amigurumis; at this point I've used up 2 skeins: Princess Slug used 1, Sweet Fern Mitts used 1.

2. Knit / Crochet at least 13 items queued before 1/1/12: I have learned that when I start a project, I need to make a note about when I queued it! I am positive that the Sweet Fern Mitts and the Nathair Mitts were queued before 2012, so that's 2.

3. Knit / Crochet at least 13 items as samples / knit-for-hire: 1 for Plymouth, 1 Miss Adler crochet cowl, 2 slugs have been requested by a friend, 3 tiny owls have been requested by another, so that's 7 things.

4. Knit / Crochet at least 13 hats for PatPatsHats: I have 1 done. 

5. Pie in the sky - can I knit / crochet at least 13 new-to-me techniques? (Socks) Sweet Tomato Heel, unusual construction, stripes, 2-at-a-time / Colorwork / Adding shaping / my own design of something? I've started the second Carousel sock, so that's 1 for unique construction.  I'm not modifying the pattern of my Morning Coffee, but I have taken the "Knit to Flatter" class on Craftsy and am considering how to do shaping on my "next favorite sweater", as Amy Herzog would say!

I think I'm doing ok. There's still work to be done and much of the year to go!


Corrie B said...

There are a few of us on Ravelry keeping an eye on resolutions together! It's in loose ends and also on my blog if you're interested!

Grenadine Girl said...

Not bad! Keep up the good work!

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