Finished Objects

This weekend was good in terms of finishing objects - I finished a second pillow for our couch, and they have been immediately put to good use!

And, while we were cleaning up for our dinner party last night, I went back through a knitting bag that had a few projects in it, in several stages. I found a pair of socks that were nearly done - all I had been waiting on (or avoiding) was grafting the toe - but recently I feel I have somewhat mastered kitchener stitch thanks to SNB-nation!

So, in 2005 I have finished two pairs of socks and a pillow. I started attacking the purple people eater sweater that I have been working on since 2002. I have to do the left front, with buttonholes, because apparently I forgot that I am left-handed and what I thought was the left front is actually the right front. Gah. And I can't quite picture the spacing for the buttonholes. And the pieces look really small. I don't know how I'm going to fit into this cardigan. I am unsure about blocking - to do or not?

It feels nice to finish a project - or 3 - within a week!

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