Me, In Terms of My Stuff

I've seen this around a few blogs...
Grooming Products
Shampoo: Garnier Fructis
Moisturizer: Lubriderm, Origins Ginger Burst, Origins Precipitation, Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea, Body Shop Mango (It's winter in New England - it takes work to keep the flakes away!)
Cologne: None, the lotions are all scented enough
Razor: Venus
Toothpaste: Aquafresh whitening / tartar control (I think)

Cell phone: A sony ericson, but I really want to get a flip phone / camera phone
Computer: Dell Desktop
Television: One big Sony
Stereo: Yes, but I have no idea what brand / make it is It's Mr. NutmegKnitter's

Sheets: t-shirt jersey style sheets from Bed, Bath and Beyond
Coffee-maker: Drip style, a pleasant beeper
Car: 2003 Ford Focus Unbelievable that she's still nameless! Maybe I should have a contest
Stationery: Jeez. I used to (and still occasionally) work part time at a local card / stationery gift shop. I have Crane's, William Arthur, Hello Kitty, papyrus, snoopy, frogs, and stickers - endless stickers!! I love love love paper and all it's accessories!

Bottled water: it's ok, I don't stick to one type
Coffee: Dunkin Donuts - Large Regular (They know what to do)
Vodka: Yes please.
Beer: Yes please - Sam Adams (any style), Corona, Bass, Boddingtons

Jeans: GAP
T-shirt: Right now? Hanes-His-Way that's too small for Mr. NutmegKnitter and have now become my pj's top
Briefcase or tote: A big LLBean style canvas tote with an American Flag on it
Sneakers: New Balance, but looking for new ones
Watch: Fossil

Favorite Places
Home, under the covers, in my pjs

Necessary Extravagance
Movies, Music, Yarn, Candy, Magazines

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