Me, a winner?

Wow-ie! I came home tonight after a rather long day and a delicious dinner out with my hubby to see in my email that I had won How Many Miles of Yarn does a Crafty Snargle Have? contest! I started squealing as I read the email and called out to my husband. When I told him my prize options (and it's a tough choice!) he rolled his eyes and made a comment about did I really win MORE yarn? He was not as impressed as I to learn that Miss Crafty Snargle has just over 34 miles of yarn. Why did I guess 26.5? It's my age. As the man says, now I can really "Carpe Yarn-Em" :)

What a geat way to wrap up the week!

And my good friend and I have managed to rejuvenate the shoreline stitch-and-bitch --- I'm looking forward to monday night!!

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