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We have been trying to get Jackson used to the idea of 1)playing by himself and 2) staying in his "room" (our laundry room, with his crate, toys, papers) while we leave the house. So far, it's been successful for very short periods of time, or we return to find some poops. Today we set him up with kongs, lunch, water, papers, toys, and his buddy and the dryer running. We came back about 2 hours later and he was resting inside his crate (!) and there were no poops (!) and one of the kongs was still full of treats! Wow. There's hope for this puppy. Now, if only the biting/mouthing would let up.

I signed up for three months of the sampler and the first on arrived today. Very nifty!! I've got a kitchen table now covered in little gifties! You can see the "sneak peek" on the sampler website, but my package included the following, listed in the order I picked them up from the table - it's all so awesome!!
*earrings, ismelllightning.com
*stickers, sini_puu
*bloom yarn flower, artangelsite.info
*black linen / baroque pearl choker, maizehutton.com
*soap, naikid.com
*tooth fairy / make a wish pillow, onelittlemonkey.com
*vanilla sea salts, wrong-number.net
*glass star pin, lauren-urban.com
*stationery, demarcodesigns.com
*corn card, youngandwithit.com
*loopy loom bracelet, turtlekisses.com
*stripes button, robottle.com
*orange magnet, orangecountycrafters.com
*key chain, designedbyrj.com
*cupcake button, retrobugs.com
*postcards, fernhousestudio.com
*pencil mini note, glamscience.com
*handmade gift tag, buy4square.com
*flower / bead set, amypetersstudio.com
*book badge, jlrfashions.com
*postcard, katsmeowshop.com
*yarn samples, midnightskyfibers.com

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Fern Lady said...

I love the Sampler--Isn't it awesome?! I go the nakid soap, too and cards from sugarlily and... just too much to say.

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