Nutshell Update

Here's the short of the long story that is causing all sorts of high drama at my school. The board is looking to remove the director. The school has a major deficit, the financial officer hasn't been doing his job properly, the board has not been doing their job properly and have been very sneaky. It's very convoluded and weird, and this will pretty much split the school. The concern last week was in part to 1)not having a school calendar and 2)getting the contracts signed. So I have my job for the year. School will start on Monday. It's high drama, lots of nasty name-callings and gossip. Sheesh. It's going to be an interesting year - the stress levels at school feels like report card time, or even the end of May, and still, we've yet to have our first day with the kids.

I'm trying to get the cds that I owe done by tomorrow so they can go out on Monday.

I've got to send out secret pal packages too.

I've been working on the Friday Harbor sock - in the yarn that is called for, love it! But I am thinking that I need to start on Jackson's sweater, and possible a few felted dog bones - a fellow teacher at school gave Jackson a great new toy and I want to properly thank her.

In stressful times, we all need a laugh - check out these toons (be advised, they are crude, rude and there's swearing)
Look for "everybody farts"


Hunny said...

Foamy rules!!

Catherine Kerth said...

i gotta check out those socks.... i hope school things begin to work themselves out. just concentrate on other things and don't get involved:)

Dani said...

Glad everything is working out for the year... that all sounds so stressful. I hope you find the rest of the week relaxing :)

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