I am so close to being officially done with my Sitcom Chic - I ran into a problem though and right now I'm just avoiding doing anything! I was picking up stitches along one front, and was only able to pick up 66! The pattern calls for 101 - I figured it would be ok, and went on to knit, purl and bind off - and the front edge PUCKERS! damn. I don't know what to do - blocking is not going to fix this. Anyone want to fix it for me? How in the world do you pick up that many stitches? I feel like I picked up all that I could - not skipping or anything.

I started working on the Friday Harbor sock for the KOTR knit along - holy cow these needles are TINY! I'm not using Mountain Colors yarn, maybe I should be? I find that when I'm working from the chart - I feel like I'm messing up somewhere, but it's too hard to tell right now - I'm still stuck on the fact that the needles are so tiny!

AND somehow my computer is running through molasses!! Ick. Wordperfect is barely loading. The internet is slow. I've run my updates / spybot / McAfee... Groan.

However, I did get a wonderfully color-coordinated package from my SP5 -

Crochet needles, cotton yarn, learn to crochet book, jellybeans (!) and candy bubbles from Dylan's Candy bar (I love that store! I have wanted to try these!!!) Thank you soo much!

And a thank you to Julie - she sent a beautiful yellow origami paper crane - I hope it brings me some better luck! Speaking on cranes, I used to make them constantly - even out of starburst wrappers or trident gum wrappers! I learned origami in 5th grade and always loved it! I read about Sadako and the thousand paper cranes constantly. Here are some other neat-o origmami links:
A cherry blossom origami tree (from Crafters coast-to-coast, beautiful!)
oriland (wow!)
Crane Necklace

And just for smiles, Jackson's first outfit - I will be making him something, I think I found a good pattern in Dogs in Knits, but until then:


Anonymous said...

what a little cutie ;0)
earth mother

Dani said...

what a cute little pup! Such a nice present too :)

Heide said...

I guess you're definitely going to have to figure out the whole crochet thing, now that you're all stocked up for it! :) I still can't figure it out, myself. It makes me feel like I've had a lobotomy.

Please bring your Sitcom Chic next time we meet up, I want to see it! (Also, please bring Jackson -- I want to get my hands all over that little guy! I'm sure those old curmudgeons at The Tavern won't mind!)

Catherine Kerth said...

jackson is getting so big! sorry to hear about the sitcom chic cardi, i know what you mean by not having enough room to pick up all the stitches that they call for... and sometimes you pick up to many!!!

froggiemeanie said...

What a cute "outfit" Jackson is wearing. I wouldn't get anything done with him in the house. I'd cuddle him constantly. Bummer about the stitch pick-up. Cardigans are so cute but knitting them is soooo evil!

Anonymous said...

Jackson needs a "weinerwrap"! I have to add you to my blog list, so I can see him grow up.
Way too cute......

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