I have the cutest dog ever. Photo Heavy

Period. No doubt. See? (Amazing Lace teammate introduction is coming later)
New duds.

Went to a dachshund meet-up / social today. My dog was ready with kisses for everyone, especially me - this is after he won a race! Check out that tongue!


Unknown said...

i love your dog what a cutie

Monica said...

What a face! Smooch!

Anonymous said...

um i think you may have the second cutest dog ever.... but I know better than to argue with a doxie owner...

he is a quite a bit smaller than vito (it seems) what does he weight now?

Rebecca said...

Jackson is a cutie! I had a dachsund once who met with an untimely death...he was trying to have a love affair with a golden retriever in heat and her mate came along...not a pretty result:-(
My girls dressed him up in the cutest little outfits - it must be a dachsunds fate!

Life's a Stitch said...

He's got personality!

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