THe weather has finally turned so nice! I'm trying to maximize my time outside and in the garden. Also, we've got company coming over on Monday. Shocking, but for today weeding and seeding and composting takes priority over knitting. Momentarily. There may be knitting podcasts listened to during the outdoor work, but I really enjoy having those for the car. We shall see. Expect posts to follow on the following topics:
*The Amazing Lace: Meet the teams Introduction (Challenge #1)
*The Broadway Post (Producers, what I'm going to see, what I've seen, what I've worked on)
*Swap and Pal catch up - (*waves hello to the Knitty Mellow SP! and June Colorswap SP!) I've got Q / A to post, and some blog reading to do. And for my tea swap pal (I know you don't know who you are yet) Your package is going out on Tuesday!
*Pictures - maybe of the dog. maybe of me. maybe of the baby robins that are in a nest outside in my front yard.
*Dog stuff. Bark magazine. Smiling Dogs Rule! Jackson is entered in the Old Navy new mascot contest.

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Rebecca said...

Nanny Nanny Boo Boo .... I know who my Tea Swap Pal is!!!!! Becca, you are the greatest! I enjoyed every minute opening my package from you. Well, I maybe didn't enjoy the 30 minute hike home from the mailbox with your package in DH backpack waiting to be opened. I absolutely loved everything you sent and will be posting on my blog and the Tea Swap blog all about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The funny thing is that I've enjoyed reading your blog many times before! Now, I'll be a frequent Nutmeg Knitter visitor and poster :-)

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