May 11, 2006

So I think this is going to be my new computer wallpaper:

It's a tad dark, but I love the natural lighting and the room it's in. This was a deck that had been screened in to make an all-season room (not by me, I am all for decks) but it is a very nice space. Jackson likes to sit on that chair and keep an eye on the bunnies and birds. The yellow and white striped chair next to my little dog is one of a pair that belonged to my great-grandparents that my uncle had reupholstered and down cushions made. They go perfect in this room and are very very cool. And yes, in the photo you can see my pedicure socks, and my rolled up jeans.

Here's a photo of my attempt at illusion knitting, the Rosalind Scarf from magknits straight on:

and at an angle:

I uploaded the photos into flickr in a different order, this should have been posted first - a big thank you to Jae who was my Green colorswap partner!

She sent Schafer Yarn - Anne that is enabling me to enter The Amazing Lace! She also sent some truly delish aran yarn! And opening the green apple candy, peppermint chocolate and sour altoids packed quite a punch to the senses! We enjoyed the juicy treats last night while watching LOST. And I'm in love with the stitch markers! Jae is a truly awesome awesome person - she sent (seperately and very quickly) wool for one of my students science fair project!


Anonymous said...

What a fun shot of the pedicure socks! They look great! Also, thanks for showing the tea stash - definitely giving me some good ideas. White teas are so yummy! Have you tried them iced?

-You Tea Swap Pal

Jae said...

I'm glad everything arrived safely! Do you have a project picked out for Amazing Lace, yet?

Dan Upham said...

This blog is 100% excellent. Ditto that the creations! Way to get an interested following!!

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