Blahs and otherwise

My internet was a bit wonky and FUBAR since last Thursday, but now seems to be much better. (Blah#1)

Blah Buster Buddy
I made this little tiger for my Cocoa Swap pal, Sarah - she's starting culinary school! I had a lot of fun shopping for her and making this little guy. I used Barbara Prime's Tiger pattern - it was a great pattern and I would love to work up some of her other Fuzzy Mitten Cuties.

I finished my "Plum Blossom Mittens" by last Thursday. That was my personal goal - we were going out to dinner and since I was not driving I could wear mittens. I like fingerless mitts and having my fingers free while driving. Anyway, they are done:
Plum Blossom Mitts
But, I finished them in time for one of the warmest days of the year. I still wore them. But I don't know how much I'll actually wear them.
Wearing the Mitens
They are still a little snug, the cuff is still a tad too short, and the thumbs are a bit too long. (Blah#2). I'll keep them and when someone comes over and is in need of mitts, they can borrow them. (Betsy I'm looking at you!)

I had plenty of white yarn leftover from the mitts (Berroco Peruvia Quick) and it was already in a yarn cake, so I immediately cast on (because it was convenient) for a Herringbone Neckwarmer
Pretty but possibly impractical
The buttons need to be attached still. Aside from the convenience, I don't know why I knit this one. It's pretty, and warm, but seriously. White? It's going to be a magnet for Lorelai's goopy-goldfish-crumb-covered little fingers. Maybe, maybe not.

The LnV sock marathon has started and I'm chugging along. My iPhone mitts are so close to being finished. I started a sock, the "Guided By Love" pattern, in a colorway that made me think of Jackson.
Sock, now dead
My first toe up. BUT, it's too big (Blah#3). So I decided to stop, and again, knitting by convenience I have cast on for a "Woodland Scarf" instead.
Woodland Scarf, in progress
I think that will be better. It's not a blah :)


Anonymous said...

Look at you go! Sorry your flower power mittens don't fit you well. They're really pretty!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Awww the blah buddy is so totally cute and look at all the wonderful goodies you have knit:)Hugs Darcy

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