Change of Plans

So, I totally wanted make a post about recent awesomeness that I have. And my CPH that has had it's first wear out in the real world. And then our little family unit was going to go to IKEA (we're going to get a toy box) and the grocery store (we like to eat). And take care of the LnV Show Notes (there's a new episode up!)

But then my mom called.

I was planning already on going in to RI tomorrow for a "swap" - a frequent event where my 6 aunts, mom, grandmother, and me get together to "swap" clothes and such. Totally planning to bring the Lorax along. In a snap decision to give my grandmother more 1:1 time with the Lorax and carpool instead of two separate cars going to the same place, Lorelai and I are going in to RI tonight to stay over at my grandmother's house with my mom.

So now, I need to pack clothes, diapers, toys, food - in more quantities than I planned. Why do babies need so much stuff? She'd be fine if I brought nothing I'm sure, but I don't want to be stuck and I don't want a melt-down or destructor either. I hope she'll be so exhausted by the hour car trip and new surroundings that she'll just pass out. She hasn't sleep in the pack-n-play since November. Hoping for the best, planning for the worst :)

On the plus side, my mom is doing the driving so I get to knit - yes!

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theatreknitter said...

hope the trip went well. It was great talking to you today. Hope to see you soon.

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