15 months and a FO

(When she got up this morning she immediately picked up the baby doll and put on the lei. Pure sunshine.)

There is no 30th of February, but Lorelai is now 15 months. Fantastic! We have a healthy, happy, and active toddler on our hands. Still not talking a whole lot, but she can communicate what she wants - mostly that is food / drink or looking at pictures of herself ("Baby!"). My little smart cookie is a help (sometimes) in the kitchen - especially at breakfast - she helps find the toaster, brings the eggos from the fridge and knows that routine down pat. The hugs and kisses are still spontaneous, and we can see bits of attitude that I am sure will hit full force in a matter of time. Lorelai is stubborn like me and is great at making faces when she's frustrated / annoyed. A huge fan of music, we dance each day to some 80s music and sing too. I will sing the alphabet song and at the end Lorelai will chime in with "Me" at the right time (next time won't you sing with....). And she's a pro at "Itsy Bitsy Spider".
IMG_7222 IMG_7219 IMG_7218

One of my favorite things though was last week we were in a store and I gave her a board book to occupy her for a few moments. She starts shouting "Baaaaaa! Baaaaaa! Baaaaa!" - so I asked her what she was looking at and she pointed to the sheep on the barnyard page. I'll admit, I'm very pleased by that - we talk about yarn and knitting daily as well, of course! However, that seems to be a general animal noise. Did you know that cats also say Baaa! :)

I finished up another hat (#6 out of 52) but this one is not staying here. It's being sent off for a St.Patrick's Day swap I am participating in on Ravelry. Pattern is "Subtle Twist" - a free one.
Subtle Twist Hat Subtle Twist Hat
I think I messed up on one row of the pattern, so it's a really subtle twist, but I'm pleased. My pal lives where it is cold, so hopefully she'll have lots of use for this hat!

So glad that the sun has come out and is melting the snow. The icicles falling from the roof freak Jackson out - I could do without that. Spring is coming!


theatreknitter said...

I saw the pic on flickr and thought "did she just wake up?" well that confirmed it. Your little one cheers me up whenever I see a picture. You amaze me as a mom. She is such a fun little girl.

Just sent you some new CD's (with her clothes) Possibly some repeats from the past CD's, but fun none-the-less.

Amy said...

Lorelai is just so darn cute! I love that she enjoys wearing the lei's-did she wear them all day?

Anonymous said...

Lorelai is stinkin' cute! I love that she put the lei on first thing. She's fun!

Liz said...

Lorelai is just cute as a button! She's definitely got that posing thing down pat. Her pictures are adorable.

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