Well, there's that.

Yesterday we were dumped on with snow. No big deal for me - I can work from home. And this is what happens here - we always get snow in March. One year (1997 I think) we had a blizzard on April 1! I did have to take the Lorax to a check-up and lucky for us, the plow guy came at 8am, so we were able to get out of the driveway without any issue. The Lorax is quite healthy, even if she is still a bit of a pixie (30" tall, 21 pounds).

In the afternoon I finally made "Chewy Granola Bars" from Martha Stewart's Good Things For Kids (Summer 2006 magazine). It was a little tricky to mix up everything (really, get a HUGE bowl!) and the end result is quite chewy, but crumbles easily. I modified the recipe to leave out the pecans (Dan doesn't like them), substituted Craisins for golden raisins. Something else was needed i think to keep them more together, if that makes sense. I ended up with a bunch of granola bars and a side of granola pieces that broke off when I cut them. Everyone liked them though, so yay. Next time I might add more honey / apricots and more chocolate chips (or do a drizzle on top.) Or, I might just try Alton's Recipe - same basic premise.

Just before dinner I was playing on the floor with Lorelai. I was shocked to discover a hole in my handknit socks! That wasn't there when I put them on in the morning! And then, my suprised doubled when I found a second hole - same location on the other foot!! The "Snakes on a Sock" socks have died.
I killed my socks!
They were worn / washed / loved for 2.5 years, so I guess it was just their time.

Good thing I'm knitting more socks! I finished my first anklet two days ago. Still using the "Bekka" yarn from Ruby Sapphire, I believe the official pattern name is "Pom Pom Peds" and it's a purl bee freebie. The second one is cast on and I did the heel flap last night.
Anklet#1 FO
The "form" inside the sock is a plastic foot mold that came with a recent shoe purchase - it's slightly longer than my foot, but makes for a nifty picture.


Anonymous said...

So sad about your socks! If they were my socks, it would feel like bullet holes. Painful! Guess they were well worn and much loved.

Anonymous said...

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