CT Sheep & Wool

Apparently Connecticut is going to skip spring and jump right into summer. I'm sort of ok with that. The humidity is low, so it isn't too bad.

On Saturday, like so many other knitters, Theatreknitter and I trekked out to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival. It was such a nice day out and the festival was a good size - it's small, but still very enjoyable. I would compare it to Rhinebeck being like the Durham Fair and CTSW being the Guilford Fair (or whatever small town).
IMG_7598 IMG_7597 IMG_7596

As we walked around I kept thinking to myself, oooh! That vendor is from Putnam! That vendor is from CT, that vendor is from MA (well DUH! I was knitting with the short end of the yarn then.) I liked being able to see these local vendors and support them - they were all quite friendly and had great stuff!

I was mainly on the lookout for semi-solid / solid sock yarn. While I would have loved to purchase a sweater's worth of local yarn, I just didn't have anything particular in mind, and with the warm weather it is going to be a while before I knit myself another sweater. My purchases included:
2 Sleepy Moon Soaps - Lemon Vanilla & Apple Blossom. I didn't realize until just now writing this post that my MIL gave me a bar of soap from Sleepy Moon for Christmas! - I can tell you I have had the soap in my shower since then, used daily and it is just now getting down to the bits! Fabulous!

From Ball and Skein, a skein of sock yarn in deep violets:
and a "Wristaff" to hold a yarn cake on your wrist:
Currently holding J.Knits "Florida" - it's going to be a plain stockinette sock for when Lorelai is walking around outside.

2 Skeins of Puppy Love from Still River Mill

A skein of "Pippin" in "Spring Green" from Mocha's Fiber Connection

A skein from Fibers4Ewe - they're from Putnam! I used to live in that part of the state!

I also got the chance to meet and say "Hi" to several local knitters that I either attend SnB with, read blogs of, talk to through Ravelry. So, hello again to Betsy, jennsquared, Archiknist, SunflowerFairy, Gale, Ladysslipper, LilithParker, Live and Let Learn.... I looked for but missed CTJen and thepaintedsheep.
I wore my "Daily Dose of Fiber" Ravelry shirt which garnered many comments, as did my "Knit or Go Home" (inspired by a Gilmore Girls episode, found on cafepress).

Many people I met were asking for the Lorax. Maybe next year. I think I could have brought her, but she's a bit too much touch and go still. Maybe at Rhinebeck I will walk around with a cut-out picture of her or Jackson - then more people would know me! :) I've got a Lorax post and will get on that shortly!


Anonymous said...

I bought a couple bars too! Man I saw lots of people bought from them, almost everyone I know from the blogasphere!!! I got Citrus Lavender and Honeysuckle Blossom. YUM.

And I love all your yarn purchases!!! I only bought one skein! There was another one I wanted but I was too late, the lady snatched the last three skiens of this Cashgora lace weight without me knowing!!!

Anonymous said...

This was my first CTSW and I too enjoyed seeing and buying local. My main purpose was to feed my new spinning addiction and I did so nicely but within my budget.
I too bought a wristaff, but am having trouble with it. The yarn keeps wrapping around the cord on the inside. Any advice?
Geri ( chambergt@comcast.net)

Sonia said...

Looks like you found some great yarn!

Anonymous said...

You got some good stuff! All that sock yarn you're looking for tells me you're working your way through the Cookie A. book.

CTJen said...

I looked for you too! Ah well. ;-)

I love the wriststaff!

jordi said...

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