It's only life afterall.*

Ah, life. The mundane has been all consuming lately, so I'll keep this brief. My dad is on the mend from his surgery (yay!), we all got hit with a cold (boo!), we hosted Easter (it was nice), Lorelai has really started pushing her boundaries / limits - she's thrown a temper tantrum or three this week and has started saying No. Yeah, good times.

The Necco Wafer top for Lorelai is in pieces -
I thought it was time to start seaming, but the instructions say to do the hood first. I'm considering what I want to do with it next.

The Orange Racer for Romney Ridge Farm is growing:

I finished Glynis #1 and now after all the charts / afterthought heel and kitchnering, my brain needs a break:
Sock #1

I've got a second bolero in the works for Schaefer yarn. I'm going to do another sample knit for Lorna's Laces.

We're practicing using utensils:

And tonight I'm off to see the Indigo Girls!! *Closer I am to fine!

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Anonymous said...

A tantrum or three? Snort! She's cute with a utensil. Just don't let her hurl it at you!

Your knitting is looking pretty close to fine.

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