I Can't Stop.

It's more practice, so that's good. Yesterday while the Lorax was splashing about in her kiddie pool, I whipped up a "10 minute Crochet Preemie Hat (in about 25 minutes).
Preemie hat
I'm quite pleased, though I still can't get over the size of it. I had spotted on Facebook a "Call to Knitters" for purple hats to benefit a charity in Canada. (Here's a link - scroll down to July 1 for more info. Certainly there are places in need of baby hats here in the US as well, so I hope this is the first of many hats.

I've had my eye on a few crochet blogs lately - SarahLondon is great for color inspiration and when I read Attic24 I really feel like "I Can Do That!". Lucy, of Attic24, has a "Granny Stripe" blanket that I can't get out of my head. It looks straightforward enough once you get past the massive chain to start with, and she uses acrylic... we have a ton of blankets in this house, but only 2 that I have made. I have an awful lot of acrylic in my stash already, so I'm thinking about making a ridiculously bright and cheery version for the family room - think nearly neon blue ("Blue Mint"), green ("Limelight"), yellow ("Lemonade"), pink ("watermelon"), orange ("mango"), and white ("coconut") in between each color. I made up a little swatch last night to practice the technique and I am in love. I had grabbed the first few balls of cotton that were in reach and the result is this:
Granny stripe practice w/ border
(That's with a border. Just to see, though there is plenty of time to think that through)
Granny stripe practice no border
(And without the border, which right now I think I love just a little bit more).

There are almost 150 projects on Ravelry - so many great color combos!


Virginia said...

I love the way colors work together in crochet. Another place for good inspiration (especially on color combos) is http://www.woodwoolstool.com/index.html

A designer in the netherlands who makes ADORABLE little stools with crocheted covers (plus crocheted blankets and all kinds of other stuff). I want-want-want a set of the stools for our front hall, but am trying to justify the international shipping costs! Anyway, click on the "Gallery" for lots of inspiring ideas!

Melissa D said...

Isn't crochet so rewarding. I love to take breaks and do that for a while for the "instant gratification" as it is so much faster than my knitting. Looks like you're on your way to a wonderful, spirit-lifting blanket! :)

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