Knitting In Advance

Last summer, I test and sample knit a sock for The Unique Sheep's Lord of the Strings club. Frequently, my test / sock knitting projects are done under a rather tight deadline (most recent record holder? A sock for Cookie A's new book in 5 days!) - but this project was for the June 2010 installment. And, since now we are in July of 2010, I can finally share!

Dunedain Socks by LoBug
Dunedain Sock
This was my first time to knit such a large sock (on purpose!) - I knit the largest size, and two yarns are held together. Isn't that cable something? I worked really hard on that - learned a lot about cables and reading charts. Side note: If it wasn't for this project with the charts and cables and working my way through it with LoBug's help, I would not have tried to get the cookieA sock gig - something totally clicked with me on this project!

The color is best in the first picture (or even the ravelry link) - the yarns were very pretty.
Dunedain Sock
As I knit the largest size (Size 11, the "Big Foot" option), obviously the socks didn't fit too well on my foot (I wear a US9, women's) or my sock blockers:
Dunedain Sock
Dunedain Sock
Check out LoBug's blog - she talks about this sock and her "LOTR Sock Pattern Booklet"!


Ina said...

Handsome sock! Your cables always pop, but congratulations on clicking!

Sara said...

You did a fabulous job! Those cables are amazing!

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