Older, Wiser and Way More Active

Yesterday was the Lorax's 3rd Birthday!
We had a jam packed day. Dance class, a coffee break and then a stop at the toy store - she had been given some birthday money and bought some stickers and a Hello Kitty facecloth. A quick trip the library and run around outside. Phew.
My mom came by later with presents from other family members - one of which was this polka dot skirt that she immediately put on (and plans to wear today).
Dinner was spaghetti, her favorite, and I made cake. I think by the time we got to dessert it was all just too much - she didn't want to blow out the candle on her cake - so she enjoyed the sprinkle donut my mom brought earlier.

Happy Birthday to You! Keep on Smiling!


Sonia said...

Happy Birthday, L! I cannot believe she just turned 3...now I understand how quickly time passes in the lives of these little ones.

sara said...

Happy B'day Lorax!

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