Thanksgiving Crafts

Last week I posted about my Pom Pom Maker - did you guess that I would take a shot at using the pom pom maker to whip up a flock of Pom Pom Toms, like Martha? Here's a shot in progress:
The pom poms are a great way to use up stash yarn if you have it. I used a mix of wool-acrylics / acrylics (think Ella Rae & Vanna's Choice). I will say that it was quite tedious to cut out the scalloped "feathers" - some are a bit pointy.

But the end result is pretty neat.
I gave up when it came to glueing the legs on - I wasn't sure they would stay up and they already look a little drunk as it is.

I also printed up the designs that Jessica of Craftily-Ever-After kindly shared.
Perfect - I was able to swap out some photos and prints in these frames for the more appropriate seasonal ones. Jessica also has ones for Halloween and Christmas!

It was a great day I think - my brothers, SIL and brother's girlfriend came in on Wednesday night and were quite gracious in allowing me to boss them all around. It was smooth sailing on Thursday. We had a little party for the Lorax since the whole family was there -
Three!!! (Just about.)

Couldn't ask for much more!


Virginia said...

I can attest that you are not at ALL bossy and that these turkeys were even cuter in person! Though mine did drink too much at dinner and lose one leg altogether. ;)

But seriously, so cute. And was thinking of your craftiness yesterday, because we decorated our tree and I still have our Pilgrim selves as tree ornaments from last year!

sara said...

Darling little turkeys! The Lorax is just precious!

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