Fall Weekend

What a weekend. The weather here was decidedly chilly, but there was sunshine for a bit. Lately the Lorax seems to have boundless energy so we are trying to get in a good dose of running around outside each day. On Saturday we were doing just that and then realized that there were quite a few leaves in the yard - it might be fun to make a leaf pile for the Lorax. Generally our yard really doesn't get much in terms of leaf litter, but one section of the yard was just right.
We started out just dropping her in the pile (not the best move. There were tears. oops.) - after a bit of each of us running through the pile with her, tossing leaves and raking it up again, we almost couldn't get her out of the leaf pile! Success!

Saturday night we watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. We were both surprised that the Lorax really seemed into it - there's a lot of dialogue and the action is slower, but she has requested it multiple times now. In a few years I am looking forward to watching The Worst Witch with her...

I was hoping that all this Halloween prep (attending a Halloween Costume parade at the local apple orchard, watching the Great Pumpkin / kids in costume) would help convince the Lorax to wear a costume on Halloween, given her general stubbornness if I want her to wear something particular. We have been talking it up all week - and in the end, she was a Halloween-Ballerina-Dancer-No-Tutu-But-With-Halloween-Necklace-Tiara-and-Wand! I consider it a success.
IMG_1543 - Copy
We "trick or treated" at the grandparents houses and then stayed at my parents for dinner and to give out candy there. The Lorax seemed to get into it - shouting "Happy Halloween" at the kids. As the night went on and she saw more costumes, she did get a bit overwhelmed or scared by some of them - she said she didn't want to give candy to the "Maskers" (people in masks) - but she would readily give candy to kids her size - a cow, a dinosaur, a ladybug, etc. And then after giving out some candy she raided my mom's candy basket for some candy of her own. And this morning she asked for candy for breakfast. Again, Halloween success. :)

On to November....

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