September Circle

A while back I went up to Boston to visit Theatreknitter in her new place. Lucky gal, she can walk to a LYS, the lovely Seed Stitch. While we were in there, magic words were spoken "Pick out something for your birthday present!" This threw me for a momentary loop since I was completely surprised and I totally blanked on what I might have queued up or been lusting for. I did spy several Crazy Zauberballs that caught my eye. I decided on a red-pink-purple one, Indisch Rosa - pretty much outside my color comfort zone, but really, those colors were so striking! The pretty ball sat on my desk for a week or so and then the September Circle pattern was released - and it specifically called for a CZ!

The cast on was a bit intimidating (join without twisting a WHOLE lot of tiny stitches), but I found it to be a good knit for SnB or tv - rest rows, and the lace pattern was of the auto-pilot type. I think it is a good all around yarn karma that I finished it while on the retreat this weekend with Betsy!
Moments after binding off! Totally unblocked.

I didn't block vigorously - I'm impatient - so a bit of steam from the iron helped to show the pattern a bit more.
It's as big as my couch cushion.

I do plan to wear it like this (and look off at Jackson in the distance)
September Circle - FO!

But mostly I'll fold it in half, put it on and twist it to go around my neck a second time and wear it like this:

I love it, I really do and I expect to wear it often and maybe give the reds and pinks another shot. Now that I think of it - a good portion of the stash I swapped for at the retreat is in red shades. And my Dorflinger Tee is pomegranate pink...

Gratuitous Jackson Shots.

Good boy - he's also doing the "I'm looking at something far away" model technique we have learned watching America's Next Top Model. He might be "Smize-ing", but you never can be sure with a dachshund.


Virginia said...

OH MY GOD THAT IS GORGEOUS. Seriously. I just had such a visceral yarn-lust reaction to this. And I have to say, I really like you wearing it as one big loop vs. doubling it up, because then I get to see more gorgeous color. tres chic!

I am also remembering that you were drawn to a lot of pinks and reds at Rhinebeck... I think you may have moved out of your color comfort zone without even realizing it! Love when that happens. Like, I used to be alll about red and pink and then I realized a few months ago that I keep wanting gray and yellow. And a deep turquoise. Hmm.

Anyway, brava! This is beautiful!

sara said...

It's seriously gorgeous! Well done! The shot of you is great!! I thought it was a model in a magazine!

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