Knitter's Review Retreat

a.k.a. How I Spent My Weekend with Internet Strangers (but they were Knitters!)

I have been looking forward to this past weekend since July. And, as expected, it just flew by and now it is all over! The Knitter's Review Retreat was a fantastic time - and I hope to become a repeat retreated.

On Friday I met up with Theatreknitter at a sweet yarn shop in Lenox, Mass - Colorful Stitches. Great selection of yarns (and buttons and ribbon!) and patterns. I ended up with St.Denis Magazine #2 for the Juneberry Triangle pattern (and Scrollwork Socks as well as Lullaby Blanket). We drove up to the Williams Inn and what a sight - as soon as you walk inside, WHAM! Knitters!! EVERYWHERE. Excellent.

We checked in a we given a beautiful goody bag - the bag itself is awesome, but it also contained yarn (including Socks that Rock!), notecards, patterns, pins, a stitch marker, soak samples and chocolate!
Knitters Review Goody Bag

Each meal (and throughout each day) was a feast for the eyes as well as the body - so many gorgeous handknits. These knitters are amazing. After dinner on Friday night Clara gathered us all together to share a project / yarn that you love so much you would marry it if you could.
Knitter's Review Retreat #1
Clara is the one on the left in the tiara. :) Like many others there, I could not profess my love for just one yarn, instead I spoke about my Hope & Donald chevron scarf.

On Saturday there were classes offered - I took a "Math for Knitters" class with Ann Budd. Fantastic - I feel much better now about switching up yarns / gauges for sweater possibilities and maybe even trying to make up my own sweater.
Knitter's Math Class

Saturday afternoon we had the chance to shop - gorgeous yarns were everywhere! I got to fondle Quince & Co. yarns - the colors are great and the prices are as well. I was very particular in my shopping - at some point in the future I will buy some from Quince & Co because it really was so great, but I decided on String Theory Caper Lace in a Garnet color (for the Juneberry Triangle!). The colors are stunning and I do wish I could buy all their yarn! We also took a trip over to Storey Publishing - books at 50% off?! Yes please! I added a new-to-me sock book, the 101 Projects for Sock Yarns and a crochet help book to my library. I did finish a project too which was great fun - it needs a bit of blocking / steam - my September Circle.

Before dinner on Saturday, Cat Bordhi chatted with Betsy and I in the stash room (you bring stash you no longer love / need and take something else)! And then she needed a ball winder - we helped! And, OMG - Cat Bordhi used Betsy's ball winder and swift!!
Celebrity spinning

Saturday evening brought door prizes! I won a skein of Briar Rose Fibers Dream Weaver :) The weekend was just full of happy surprises like that - I also got quite lucky in my opinion - I found some Malabrigo in the stash room - some Mal Silky in a carrot orange, Mal Chunky which I've yet to try and Mal Gruesa. And a bunch of Knit Picks that I wanted to try and some sock leftovers.

Sunday's morning included "Yarn Church" where we entered into a commitment union with a new project - mine is the Juneberry Triangle. Also on Sunday morning at breakfast - Ann Budd, Pam Allen and Cat Bordhi were at our table. I don't think I did anything too outrageous to embarrass myself :) Everyone was just wonderful and it was such a great experience. Low key, relaxing, just a whole lot of yarn and knitters and inspiration.


Laura said...

Great report! I have long wondered if I'd have fun at this event (and I went to college at Williams so this is a double draw). It seems like everyone who goes knows each other and I am pretty shy. Good to hear you just jumped in and had a good time. Maybe next year I'll see you there!


Grenadine Girl said...

That weekend sounds absolutely divine.

As a former New Englander, I really stay in touch with the seasons by reading your blog.

Many thanks :)

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