Packing Paralysis

Today I have been trying to get packed and ready for the Knitter's Review Retreat - a weekend full of yarn and knitting! A packing occasion for which it is perfectly acceptable for me to bring "ALL the yarns" and yet I still can't decide. What do I want to work on while I am there? What yarns and things do I want to bring for swapping (without seeming greedy? but it's a great opportunity to share the stash with others!)? What knits do I want to wear? Decisions, decisions. I'm driving up, so there is plenty of room in the car for all the things in my "Maybe." pile.

I will be wearing my new sweater at some point this weekend. (And tonight to SnB. And for Thanksgiving. And many times after that.) I finished Dorflinger Tee by Mandy Moore, from this year's fall issue of Knitscene. Obligatory headless sweater shot:
Dorflinger Done!

I love this sweater. Big yarn makes for a quick project! This particular big yarn is Schaefer Yarn's Esperanza (sadly discontinued!!) in the Pomegranate colorway. There is a subtle tonal variation but it works nicely with the lace here. I haven't bothered to block the sweater and I don't think that I will - I would rather wear it. I find that I do pull at the bottom of the sweater, so maybe it will get a little blocking just to lengthen it a smidge.

And wouldn't you know? The little Lorax who won't wear most of the handknits, wants to be in the photos - look at that pose! When I held up the sweater to show her she thought it was a dress. Would love to try it on her, but I would also rather have smiles and hugs than tears.

Maybe one day I can get her to take the photos!


WifeMomKnitter said...

Color me green with a tad of jealousy! ;-) Class with Ann Budd! That is super cool.

Seriously, I hope you have a great time. I saw that String Theory was going to be at the Marketplace. I would highly recommend looking at their Caper Sock Yarn. It is so yummy. I got some in the latest sock swap that I'm in.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Sounds like loads of fun! Was gonna try and make SnB tonight, but stuck in report card h*ll. So doubt I'll make it. Next Thursday is parent conferences. So maybe I can make it in December...Have a lovely weekend and that sweater is GORGEOUS!

Sonia said...

That sweater is so cute! Have a blast and take all the yarn, projects, and FOs you want; they'll understand. : )

theatreknitter said...

I CAN:T WAIT to see you. and you will not feel greedy in the stash room. there is more than enough to go around.

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