It's not child labor, it's an age-appropriate-developmental-sorting-activity. And at the very least occupies her attention for 4 minutes.
I hope she's still happy to have this chore years from now. I have been emptying the dishwasher for as long as I can remember. Seriously. Here's proof, circa 1981 or so.
Certainly I was also in a "paparazzi avoidance" phase here, I am sure I was thrilled to help out at Nana's!


Sonia said...

Love it! PB has recently started wiping things off on her own; was it wrong of me to give her a dustcloth?! I jokingly sing "Cinderelly, Cinderelly" when she's at work...

sara said...

Darling pictures! Lorax looks so pleased to be helping!

I can only speak for myself and Offspring, but neither of us likes to empty a dishwasher. I was very glad to hand it over to her when she was old enough. Sometimes when we know she is coming for a visit we make sure to fill and start the dishwasher so she can empty it. We like to mess with her.

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