for 2012

It's resolution time. I love the idea of resolutions, I really do. My follow through on any resolutions I have made for myself has gotten better the less stringent they are. Looking back at last year, here are some things that May, or May Not, Happen in 2012:
*I will keep working on the Beekeeper's Quilt
*I will keep working on the Neon Nightmare
*Knit Dan a new pair of socks. Did I tell you he wore out the Manhattan socks I made? Each sock has a large hole where the heel should be. And, he still wears them! According to him, his toes are still warm. As a knitter, I'm honored... as his wife, I'm horrified! Don't wear holey-heeled socks! This might have to take a top priority spot!
*Baby knits - I've got a list of 5 babies I want to knit for, all before July. I have patterns and yarns picked out, so I am in good shape to start that. This doesn't included any knitting for my own baby.
*A sweater for me!
*Read my knitting books - so many times I just go straight to the pattern sections but someone took the time to write these books I should honor that and actually read them!
*I really want to try steeking and some colorwork this year.

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Hazels Crochet said...

That is a good list of resolutions!

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