Yesterday, the Lorax turned 4! I knew it was coming, and yet I am still surprised that it happened. Time has gone by so fast. I think that 4 is probably the best birthday yet - she was excited that it was her birthday, had fun telling people that she is 4 and that they should say "Happy Birthday" to her, and yet there wasn't any whining for presents but each item she opened was met with "OOOOH! I always wanted this!"

For the record, my girl, at age 4, loves Tinkerbell & her fairy friends, loves princesses and all things girly. She can draw, she loves books, she loves the Snoopy movies and Charlie Brown Christmas. She tends to start her day with a glass of orange juice and a cut up apple, she tries to be a big help in the kitchen and is a fantastic big sister. And we are starting to get into the joke telling phase (Knock Knock. Who's there? Little Miss Smartypants. Little Miss Smartypants who? I don't know.)

She says she is going to have 100 birthdays. I hope she is right.


Virginia said...

Ahhh! I love how excited she is in that top picture with the candle. So much fun!!!

And you forgot to mention her creative take on puppet shows. That's one awesome kid you've got there. Just for the record.

lots of love,
Auntie V

Meg said...

So sweet. I feel very similar about our big girl's most recent birthday. She'll be five in a couple weeks and is INSISTING she just wants a princess tea part with three friends. :-)

Unknown said...

Memories are made to be treasured up in a mother's heart. The day will come when you'll be glad you stored them up so you can take them out and enjoy them over and over again. Blessings.

sara said...

Oh I love the first picture. It's the epitome of birthday excitement!

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