Hats! (part 1)

When I first learned to knit, I made a lot of those fruit caps. They were easy, quick, and always got a big response. I still love to knit hats. Through facebook, the mom of one my friends got in touch with me, looking for hats for use in baby photography sessions. We talked about a few ideas, but in the end, she left all the choices up to me. Yay! And, uh-oh. Choosing patterns and colors is already hard enough! I think I made some good choices - I did subject the little nutmeg to modeling detail. He's still a pretty good sport!
Long Tail Pixie Hat
Here is a Long Tail Pompom Pixie Hat - I liked this one for its use of the thick-and-thin bulky yarn. In this case, the yarn is Berroco Hip-Hop.

Again with the pompoms (because, pompoms are awesome!), this is the Snow Bunny Pom Hat, in Malabrigo (held double) and Lamb's Pride Bulky (I think).

Wouldn't you know that someone else wanted in on the photo session.

I'm thinking "Lorelai" is going to be his first word - that tongue is out all the time as if he's trying to make the "L" sound.

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