Hats (part 2)

On Wednesday there was a hat in progress in my "Yarn Along" photo. I mentioned it had me grumbling a bit. Why? This hat was intended to be for the little nutmeg - probably the last cutesy hat I can get on him before he is able to grab them off. I used a pattern I found on Ravelry for a "leprechaun" hat, and it even has a pattern for a beard! How cute! How silly! Then I started knitting it... how... big? Uh-oh. It may have been fairy mischief or, more likely, it was my own loose gauge. Anyway, I hoped that maybe I could get the Lorax to wear it for a photo or two.
St. Patrick's Day hats
It just may be a wee Irish miracle. Without prompting, she has twice proclaimed her love for this hat, wore it to school all day on Friday, and has said she wants to wear it every day. Have we turned a corner with the wearing of the knitting? Is a sweater in the works? Probably not yet, but this gives me a bit of hope.

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