"Stawm's Brewin'" (Yarn Along, a day late!)

The weather reports have been crazy this week. They have all hinted at some weather event for Friday, my usual guy wasn't even giving numbers because the models were all over the place. Last night we started hearing numbers. Big numbers. This morning everyone is in blizzard prep mode. So something big is coming and all I keep hearing in my head is "Winter is coming" a la Game of Thrones and my subject line, said in a New Englandy-Boston-Maine accent. We're ready. We've dealt with snow before. My bigger concern is power. Especially as I work from home. On top of that, my husband will be working from home and I'm pretty sure the Lorax will have no school. Throws a kink in my usual work-day operation. I do wish I could just settle in on the couch with a big mug of coffee and my knitting for the whole day!

Yarn along feb 7

When I get the chance, I will be working a bit more on my Fumior armwarmers, a sample knit, and am thinking about casting on a few projects, because, why not? I need to get moving on a few projects that are for swaps. I will also be reading a bit more of "The Kitchen Help" - I'm completely sucked in to this story, though it is a bit intense. I think I have to stop reading it before I go to bed. There are some rather tragic incidents (deaths of children) and intense moments (interactions between plantation owners and the slaves who work there; there is hinting at child abuse as well).

Stay safe if you are in the storm's path! Make sure you have your knitting prepped!

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