Nutshell Update

Very little knitting being done lately. This is due to the following reasons.

*School has been very crazy over the past week - the first grade teacher died last friday - complications from cancer, she was sick for about the last 2 months (that we knew about) - my school is a very close community. This coupled with my grandfather's passing and my Nana's current health issues, it's been very hard to deal. The funeral (homegoing celebration) was today at the Seventh-Day Adventist church - quite a culture shock for my irish roman catholic background.
*School is also starting to wrap up - finals this week (somehow amid the chaos) - somehow either I misplaced, or someone took two exams - I was grading and realized I was missing two students! gah. not good.
*My nana had a big operation this week, but things are looking ok for the moment. Chemo is going to happen, but it is not as bad as it could have been.

*I've been spending a lot of time researching puppies and dachshunds! This little guy will be ours! We're going to visit him on Sunday!

*How cool are all the fabrics going about in the back-tack swap? I love what I received from yarnstorm she's got a great blog - awesome embriodery! Thanks so much! Again, I adore the fabric, and will be sorry to send it on!

And on a random library note - how annoying is it that netlibrary.com doesn't work with the ipods?! Sure, there's audible.com (from where I got The Ivy Chronicles it's just okay, the narrator's voice is a little annoying) but this was supposed to provide me more. Groan.


betsy said...

What is his name???? he is so cute.

I am sorry to hear about everything at school. I have been thinking about your nana a lot lately.

talk to you soon


Jane said...

I really enjoyed putting the package together and it was hard for ME to send it on to you! My daughter Phoebe also wants one.

Thanks for the mention.

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