Shrug help

Calling my fellow bloggers - I have a wedding to attend in two weeks. I think I have found the dress - black / white / skinny straps dealio, very cute. I was thinking that I should make a shrug to cover my shoulders if the AC is on too much, or to cover my shoulders in church... I really want to use white Filatura Di Crosa Elena - I have six skeins. Usually I'm ok with guage. I thought that I could do the Ribbed Shrug from Interweave, but now I don't know - I'll work on a guage swatch, but in the meantime - are there other suggestions? I ordered the one skein wonder (thinking to make that in black) I've also been poking through the patterns on the shrug KAL, and I like shimmer from knitty.


Sorka said...

Go for the one skein wonder! It is quick and easy and cute.. just ignore my failure at it..hehehe
I will be trying again..

After all I usually knit ..without.. needles!!


Catherine Kerth said...

the one skein wonder is super cute do that one:) you might want to do it out of debbie bliss soho? mabe a light cotton though for the wedding. i like shrugs its hard for me to give advice!!!

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