So, we're getting the puppy - and his name will be Jackson! He was too precious!! We'll get him towards the end of July.

I've been working on my back-tack project - it's slow going, as I'm hand sewing everything... can't decide yet on a sewing machine, but I do like this one (and am thinking about treating myself as an end of school treat) that I found through NotMartha.org

I've been sucked into the san-x stuff - everything from here and I MUST learn crochet so that I can attempt this:

I bought a book on ebay because I can't resist the amigurumi!!
one english version of arigurumi

Google "convert crochet patterns to knitting patterns" turned up this:
from eHow.com

cute japanese craft site

EEE - the "In Her Shoes" trailer is on ivillage! Yay!

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